Acoustic Boots

“AB” (a.k.a. “The Acoustic Boots”) is a Russian folk rock band formed in 1996. Currently the band performs Russian folk songs, both popular and not so much, in rock arrangement.


Genre: world-music, folk-rock.

Band members: musicians with various education level and background (ranging from traditional folk music and church quire to classical music and rock-n-roll).

Current location: Moscow

Founded: 1996 г.

Mission: promotion of traditional Russian folk songs by presenting them in the modern way.

Achievements: live broadcasts and rotation at such radio stations as: «Mayak», «Zvezda», «Radio of Russia», «Rocks», «Podmoskovie», «Folk radio»…; participants of various festivals, such as «Pustye Holmi», «Byt Dobru», «Ivan Kupala», «Prostofest», «Times and epochs», «Dikaya myata»…

Quotes about us:
– Semion Chaika (radio “Mayak”, “Nashe”): “I like it. Personally, I’m getting a kick out of it. “.
– Zhenya Glyukk (radio «Rocks»): «It’s professionally made quality music ».

Discography: «Garmonist» (2008), «Muskat» (2011), «Lyon» (2014).

You can listen to our music on our website.

You can watch our videos on our website, or on our Youtube channel:

Sponsors, event organizers and other people can reach us at:
Vitaly Matyukhin
Тел.: +7 (926) 369-98-65